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Where do you live and train Capoeira?

We live and train capoeira in Paris with Mestre Chicote.

Tell us about where or how you met.

Dedicada: With Nag么, we met at a capoeira class in Paris in 2015 joined the group. We became friends pretty quickly and started dating a few months later 馃槉

Nag么: We met at capoeira class in Paris in 2015, my first year training in Paris. We became friends, paceiros, shared events and shows and finally love.馃槏

How long have you trained Capoeira?

Dedicada: I鈥檝e been training capoeira for more than 10 years now. I started in Athens with the group Cordao de Ouro and since 2013 when I moved to Paris, continued training with Mestre Chicote until today.

Nag么: I started capoeira in 2012 in Mexico-Queretaro in a Mexican group LDM(Longe Do Mar). After moving to Paris in 2015, I started training with CDOuro, Paris. M. Chicote became my Mestre.

So I have 9 years in this journey 馃挭馃徔馃挭馃徔馃挭馃徔

What do you love about Capoeira?

Dedicada: I love the challenges that capoeira provides in so many different areas: a unique type of physical exercise, the possibility to learn about a different culture, his history and of course the music. Thanks to capoeira I have the chance to travel around the world and meet so many beautiful people, make good friends and be part of a loving international family.

Nag么: Music was the first thing to attract me to Capoeira. What I enjoy is the most is the combination of movements synchronized with music. What I love about capoeira is the tools and the ability that it gives you to express yourself in a roda or life.

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