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Developing resilience, creative problem-solving skills, and self-expression in youth and the broader community through Capoeira instruction and performance.

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian art form. It was created in Brazil over 500 years ago as a fusion of cultures, rituals and traditions during the time of slavery. As Capoeira changed over time, it was disguised as a dance and then used as a tool to help free enslaved people from their oppressors.  Today, Capoeira is considered one of Brazil’s national sports. It is practiced in almost every country around the world.


All of our teachers have trained Capoeira for 15+ years. They devote their time, energy, and resources to continue to grow in their own Capoeira and to pass down their knowledge to the community.  Capoeira has had such an impact on their lives that they have chosen to share it with others.

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Shalina Wallace
Instructora Dim Dim
Shalina Wallace​

Shalina is currently an ELL teacher at Moulton Elementary in Des Moines. She loves the diversity at Moulton and feels like Capoeira is a good fit with her students.

Why Capoeira?
You don't have to have a specific body type or be a specific age.  Everyone can do Capoeira.  
The main reason I do Capoeira is because it brings me joy.  It makes me giggle and laugh and it is one of the only ways that I have found that I can "play". 
Instructor Piriquito
EJ Wallace​

Piriquito brings a deep passion for social justice and community engagement, fueled by his family and faith. As the Iowa Mobilization Manager for Save the Children Action Network (the advocacy arm of the century-old nonprofit Save the Children), he works to empower people to use their collective voices to make positive, lasting change that benefits their entire community.

Why Capoeira?
I was drawn to capoeira because of the art form's rich history of promoting freedom, cooperation and carrying the story of people overcoming adversity. 
To me, Capoeira is a tool to promote justice, self expression and confidence, giving each participant a place where he or she feels supported, empowered and challenged.
EJ Wallace
Testa Head Shot.jpg
Instructor Testa
Juan Lourido Castaneda

Testa started to get involved in the world of Capoeira in 2005 when he randomly encountered a group of people performing at a beach in California.  At that point he fell in love with its culture and values of strength through growth, individual challenge, and most of all--the community made up of such diverse backgrounds. 


Why Capoeira? 

Capoeira lures you in with it's mesmerizing mix of music, song, and the hidden danger of martial arts disguised as dance. 


But what really keeps you in is the understanding that the only person you need to compete with is yourself.  There is always a challenge to keep you busy and in love with this art. You will become an artist that knows how to fight, a musician that knows how to craft and a student that knows how to adapt to the surroundings.

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