Class schedule 

No classes at this time- schedule changing and will update ASAP. Thanks!


Common questions

What do I do in my first class?

 You will participate warm up, stretch and begin to learn capoeira basics. You will be working individually and with a partner. Bring a friend with you and you can both learn together!! It is very normal to feel akward and nervous your first classes, try your hardest and keep and open mind, remember that everyone in the class with you was once a beginner as well.

What do I wear for my first class?

 You can practice with athletic pants and a comfortable t-shirt (please make sure the pants do not drag on the floor and that your shirt is not too baggy) we do not wear shoes in capoeira, clean bare feet are needed. After one month of training the proper uniform is necessary for classes and for community events. (a uniform consists of our group t-shirt $15 & our group Capoeira pants $40-$50)